Client Testimonials ~

Our Clients:
JBR IT Solutions has a range of clients, from small/ home businesses to private Universities. Some of our client's industries include:
Excerpts from customer testimonial:
"Thanks very much for coming last night and all of the help you gave me. I'm going to redo my notes and try to make sure I'm doing it correctly...I'm feeling better at working with OS-X than i have since I switched from 9. "

"Thank you for creating such a great experience with an IT Guy. Who knew it was possible. You are so much more."

"[JBR IT Solutions] saved me a ton of money by fixing my laptop that would no longer boot up. He explained to me what he did, and documented it, and it still works great!"

"I thought my wireless network was secure, but [JBR IT Solutions] showed me it was wide open like a free wifi cafe. It is now invisible and several times more secure than it was."

"Jay [of JBR IT Solutions] is one of the most friendly and thorough IT Professionals I have ever met. When I was completely confused how my network was set up, he sat down with me, sketching my network out on a piece of paper, and then explained everything to me using language I could understand."