Our Services ~

We offer a variety of services tailored specifically to your company or home office for both MACs and PCs. All of our services, listed below, are available in any of the following budget packages:
IT Infrastructure:
Server AssistanceServers
Server SecurityServers
Information Integration:
Technology Seminars

Technology Seminars:
We will be releasing a series of free seminars and online tech notes geared towards home users that will provide them with the information and tools they need to manage their home computers. These seminars will a range of topics, included but not limited to the following: General Assistance:
If you need general assistance wrangling in your misbehaving computer (MAC or PC), we can help. We have solved all sorts of problems and have the skills, experience, and knowledge to tackle anything thrown our way. If you need help with the following, you should contact us! Server Management:
If you need someone to manage your servers to ensure services are running or to implement additional/ modify existing functionality on your server(s), we can help. We have managed enterprise class servers and ensured up-time of over 98%. Some of our server related services we offer include: For your Network needs:
If you network is on the fritz (slow or intermittent connections), we can help. We have installed, configured, and troubleshot both wired and wireless networks for a range of customers (home office to corporate infrastructure). If you need your wired or wireless network secured, you should contact us! Some of the network related services we offer include: For your Printers needs:
If your printer (local printer, network printer, or plotter) keeps spitting out garbage, we can help. We have installed and configured both local and network printers including high-end plotters and color laser jet network printers. If you need help getting a handle on your printing nightmares, we can help. Some of our printer related services we offer include: For your Software needs:
If you are having trouble with software and need general software support, we can help. From Microsoft applications to 3D applications (including AutoCad) we have you covered. Some of our software related services we offer include: For your Web Design/ Management needs:
Do you have a web site or need one? We have you covered from static web sites to complex database driven web 2.0 applications. Our web design team can build you a web site that stands out amongst your competition and provide assistance to ensure your web site is highly ranked amongst search engines. If you need a sophisticated web site or just something simple, you should contact us. Some of our web design/ management services we off include: